Ingvild Aagre

Ingvild is a young Norwegian professional who dedicates her time to produce easily accessible and updated information related to loans and personal finances.

About Ingvild Aagre

In order to understand Ingvild’s professional background, knowing her two main motivations is essential, namely to:

  • continuously expand her knowledge
  • make useful knowledge easily accessible for others

Her passion for learning explains why she has dedicated more than 9 years of her life to studies after finishing high school. She holds two Bachelor degrees and one Master degree, all of them with a multidisciplinary character, including communication theory, economics, and sociology.

She also has further training in adult pedagogy and language teaching, from universities such as University of Cambridge. While doing a MSc with Anthropology with specialization in Economic Anthropology at the University of Bergen in Norway, she investigated how individuals’, communities’ and countries’ economic situation can manifest itself in popular cultural expressions.

Since Ingvild’s passion for sharing knowledge is just as big as her passion for learning, she has worked as a teacher and instructor for several years. She has taught English, Norwegian and ICT, from beginners’ to advanced levels, in both Norway and Turkey.

In 2018 Ingvild started working as a career counsellor and writer, and she quickly specialized in the financial field. This finally led her to her current position of Web Editor for Kunder for deg AS, where she is responsible for writing and editing content related to personal finance and loans. Through close cooperation with specialists in relevant fields from Norway and abroad, she stays updated and continuously deepens her knowledge about relevant topics.

Since 2020 she has also written several articles and op-eds about loans and personal finance for newspapers and magazines, especially in the U.S., the UK and Norway.

Ingvild’s main drive is to share her knowledge about personal finance with others:

“Decisions related to loans impact our personal finance and lives at a very fundamental level. However, many people lack the knowledge that would enable them to make wise economic decisions. Discovering this has made me determined to share my insights on the topic with the aim of making reliable information about loans easily accessible for more people”.


«I have always been interested in how the economy affects us as individuals and society. This has led me to years of studies, research and writing about this and related topics» – Ingvild Aagre

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